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Comedian ~ Actor ~ Writer


       Kevin Bartini is a nationally touring comedian, writer, and occasional TV and radio personality.  He has made numerous appearances on ABC’s hidden camera show What Would You Do?   Kevin can currently be seen in the recurring role of Billy Jones on Amazon’s The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.  He is also featured in the upcoming second season of the HBOMax series And Just Like That.

       After establishing his bona fides in the top comedy clubs of NYC and studying with the Upright Citizens Brigade, Kevin was discovered by Jon Stewart, who hired him to warm up audiences at The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. 


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In the subsequent years, having earned the respect of not only Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert but of their audiences, Kevin became one of the most sought-after Audience Warm-Up comics in television!

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Kevin's Calendar

September 4th - Broadway Comedy Club (NYC) - 9:00
September14th - Toledo Funnybone (Ohio) - 7:00pm - Click Here
September 15th and 16th - Wiley's Dayton (Ohio) -   Click Here
October 17th - Westside Comedy Club (NYC) - 7:00
October 28th - Westside Comedy Club (NYC) -  1:00pm
The Art & Business of Comedy Club Hosting and TV Audience Warm-up. (Kevin's Comedy Seminar) -        Click Here


More Dates Coming...


The Art & Business of
Comedy Club Hosting & TV Audience Warm-Up

How to Become a Successful Club MC
& How to Transfer Those Skills
into a
Career in Television

Road Club Hosting Seminar Flyer 2_edited.jpg

A one-day comedy seminar created and hosted by Kevin Bartini.    

The focus of the seminar is towards teaching the basics of Comedy Club Hosting and how those skills transfer to lucrative work in TV Audience Warm-Up.  

For more info 

Click Here

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Jason Steinberg    |    212-843-3200    |

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